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Who are we?

iCare Children’s Foundation has endeavoured to make life easier for those in need.

We have learnt that by providing those who struggle and suffer with whatever the need may be is important to make them realize that they need to empower themselves through acquiring skills which could develop a sense of self-worth, an ability to help themselves and, most importantly, to rise above their difficult circumstances or conditions.
The causes of poverty are complex, however the general consensus that education is the key to overcome this pandemic. In the current South African economy, more and more youth fail to reach their basic educational needs and find it extremely difficult to escape this vicious poverty cycle.
iCare Children’s Foundation is constantly striving to raise funds to support those living under these conditions. Also, more and more organisations and communities are appealing to us for further assistance.
We hereby humbly request you to support us in our endeavour to eliminate poverty and create better living conditions for all.

iCare Children’s Foundation is presently working on setting up a data base of professionals on various levels to help those in need of counselling: socially, psychologically legally etc.

Registration Certificate

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Background - Local NGOs proliferated in the vacuum throughout the country by setting themselves up as social service delivery agents. They addressed the areas of agriculture extension, public health, education, water and sanitation, vocational training, micro-credit schemes, human right, women's income generating schemes, gender balance, care of orphanages, peace building schemes and rehabilitation of community infrastructures. iCare Children’s Foundation strives to be the foremost & leading provider first class care to children, youth & women in distress. ICCF’s methodology is to achieve our desired objectives as stated below...

Vision - To be the leading Organization in the provision & Supply of support structures in social services, thus bringing about constructive changes in the physical, social, educational and spiritual lives of all concerned, irrespective of race or religion.
Mission - To make a positive impact on disadvantaged & underprivileged communities, as well as those in need of social support, regardless of race, colour, creed or religious background.
Core ValuesiCare Children's Foundation started with a goal, to provide a refuge for the destitute and traumatized children. To give back their dignity and integrated them back into society. Monitoring and tracking them until they become self- supporting. 

The four core values of the organization are:
    1.Respect for Indigenous Knowledge
    2.Respect for the positive human traditional values
    3.Respect for religion and for tradition
    4.Protection of Staff Dignity and professionalism


At iCare Children's Foundation we have one of our organization's main focus policy is the development & skills training of youth, underprivileged children and empowering women, by helping all that need help regardless of age, tribe, etc. The most pressing needs of the groups are identified through meetings with community leaders and possible solutions are worked out in partnership with them.

Its Main Objectives are:

1. To advocate underprivileged children, youth & women rights.

3. To create and organize institute co-operative capacity building programs for all women and youth that are living in the organization's areas of intervention.

Icare Childrens Foundation

2. Empowerment of youth and women through women/youth rights education and providing basic gear for generating income.

4. To demobilize constructively the youth and help its respective communities from insecurity situation through the development and promotion of communities Centre services and maintenance of cultural value and integration of socio-economic activities.

Make a Difference

Make life easier for those in need.
Providing care for those who struggle and suffer.



iCare Children's Foundation started with a goal, to provide a refuge for the destitute and traumatized children. To give back their dignity and integrate them back into society and monitor and track them until they become self- supportive. 

We also create awareness of the gravity of various socio-economic issues, focused on our youth, by setting up a one stop counseling centre, feeding schemes and soup kitchens in poverty-stricken areas, to create employment opportunities in the community and to supply single mothers with the necessary skills to find employment and care for their children.  




3 Mavis Road
Rylands Estate
Cape Town


Email: info@icare.org.za
Phone: +27 21 699 0302/03/04
Fax: +27 21 699 0306/7


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