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Welcome to iCare Children's Foundation

ICare Children’s Foundation (ICCF) had its origin on the Cape Flats where poverty is rife.

This, being primarily as a result of unemployment, low self-esteem, lack of facilities and recreation opportunities, lack of vision, ambition, drug and other substance abuse, etc. Due to a lack of role models and opportunities, the youth tend to turn to gangsterism in an attempt to build self-esteem through recognition and acceptance in these circles.  It is evident that poverty is the direct cause of problems such as poor family structures, neglect, street children and various other forms of social degradation and challengers.

kids 01Interaction with people on various levels has made us realize that people in these situations are caught in a vicious cycle from which one cannot easily escape.

When confronted with these issues, people often resort to avoidance and/or transference as a means of dealing with it.  As long as it does not affect us directly, it seems best not to think about it, thus making it somebody else’s problem. In the current South African climate, where we experience change all the time, it is important that we realize that it is everybody’s responsibility to take care of those who are less fortunate and those who suffer under very trying conditions.

It is with these pressing issues in mind, that ICare Children’s Foundation (I.C.C.F) opened its doors on 01 April 2002. I.C.C.F has endeavoured to make life easier for those in need.  We have learnt that providing those who struggle and suffer with whatever the need is not going to solve the problem – the task is much greater.  It is important to make them realize that they need to empower themselves through acquiring skills which could develop a sense of self-worth, an ability to help themselves and, most importantly, to rise above their difficult circumstances or conditions.

ICare Children’s Foundation is presently working on setting up a database of professionals on various levels to help those in need of counselling: emotionally, socially, psychologically, legally, etc. Read more