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Our Story


Local NGOs proliferated in the vacuum throughout the country by setting themselves up as social service delivery agents. They addressed the areas of agriculture extension, public health, education, water and sanitation, vocational training, micro-credit schemes, human right, women's income generating schemes, gender balance, care of orphanages, peace building schemes and rehabilitation of community infrastructures. I Care Children’s Foundation strives to be the foremost & leading provider first class care to children, youth & women in distress.  ICCF’s methodology is to achieve our desired objectives as stated below…


To be the leading Organization in the provision & Supply of support structures in social services, thus bringing about constructive changes in the physical, social, educational and spiritual lives of all concerned, irrespective of race or religion.


To make a positive impact on disadvantaged & underprivileged communities, as well as those in need of social support, regardless of race, colour, creed or religious background.


ICCF started with a goal, to provide a refuge for the destitute and traumatized children. To give back their dignity and integrated them back into society. Monitoring and tracking them until they become self- supporting.

However ICCF has grown into our current economic crisis of our country which is poverty, unemployment, job creation, skills development &social equality. This works for the empowerment of youth, destitute and traumatized children and unemployed women in the community through education, human rights awareness, environmental protection, education on harmful practices and promotion of health standards. ICCF also support local projects that improve the lives of people, to protect the environment, as well as to support, strengthen, and improve women’s lives.

The four core values of the organization are:

  1. Respect for Indigenous Knowledge
  2. Respect for the positive human traditional values
  3. Respect for religion and for tradition
  4. Protection of Staff Dignity and professionalism