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Policy and Objectives


At ICCF we have one of our organization's main focus policy is the development& skills training of youth, underprivileged children and empowering women, by helping all that need help regardless of age, tribe, etc. The most pressing needs of the groups are identified through meetings with community leaders and possible solutions are worked out in partnership with them.

Its Main objectives are:

•             To advocate underprivileged children, youth & women rights
•             Empowerment youth and woman through women/youth rights education and providing
                 basic gear for generating income.
•             To create and organize institute co-operative capacity building programs for all women and  
               youth that are living in the organization's areas of intervention.
•             To demobilize constructively the youth and help its respective communities from insecurity    
               situation through the development and promotion of communities Centre services and
               maintenance of cultural value and integration of socio-economic activities.
•             To ensure the protection and care for all traumatized children, child neglect, and
               underprivileged children, youth & unemployed women


To focus on the needs of society, community and providing support structures to address those needs in terms of acquisition skills and reaching out to those with social problems, children suffering from HIV AIDS and the consequences thereof, providing assistance to the disabled and elderly, assist poor families through providing food, clothing, education, etc.
To assist single mothers to care for their children.


To create awareness of the gravity of the above mentioned problems, setup a one stop counseling centre, feeding schemes and soup kitchens in poverty-stricken areas as well as to create employment opportunities in the community and to supply single mothers with the necessary skills to find employment and care for their children.