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  • Providing a channel to professional assistance and guidance to communities through our centre

•             Fundraising for Special projects (Cochlear Operations, Outreach Programs, etc)

•             Fundraising / Support to other organizations with similar aims and objectives

•             Drugs & Substance Abuse assistance and awareness workshops

•             Counselling (physical, psychological, emotional, financial, etc.)

•             HIV/Aids, Diabetes, TB Testing and Awareness

•             Disaster Management in local and underprivileged areas

•             Feeding schemes linked with learning institutions

•             Life Skills / Youth Development

•             Funeral / Burial services

•             Bursaries linked to our school projects


  • Youth & women empowerment through education both formal and informal•            
  • Capacity building training sessions on Women Rights, Peace building and Human Rights     
  •  (Prevention of violence against all children, youth, women & gender fairness)
  • Creation of income generating activities through Youth and Women Skill training
  • Provision of safe child delivery through and the reactivation/construction of Mother and Child Centre’s.
  • Eradication of the negative social attitudes and bad practices harmful to children, youth & women.


  • Implemented - Social welfare-Intensive field and school work to identify children with social, abuse trauma and learning disabilities problems.
  • Implemented - Tutorship in remedial academic studies for children with learning disabilities caused by the ills of the society and other traumatic incidences.
    •             Implemented - Legal Aid to abused children.
    •             Implemented - Feeding Schemes in certain poverty area for the underprivileged, previously disadvantaged
    •             Implemented - - Awareness on HIV/AIDS project in surrounding areas
    •             Implemented - Trauma & Counselling - Emergency medical/ first aid services.
    •             Implemented - Drug Abuse Counselling services to children.
    •             Implemented - Disaster Management services to children affected by disasters.
    •             Implemented - Unused & Old clothing collection sponsored by individuals form well off status
    •             Implemented - Ongoing Informal Education project for youth and women.
    •             Future - Very short term overnight stays for very traumatic & destitute children will provided.
    •             Future - Visit Exchange and on job training Project at corporate level (job shading).
    •             Future – Skills development for youth and young adults on IT equipment/ Computer awareness & access
    •             Future - Seeks to consider social, economic and cultural factors that influence health, the development and implementation of healthcare practices, and health interventions


Strengths: ICCF enjoys a strong reputation in the market for excellent customer service. We also have the passion and drive to service our beneficiaries more adequately by offering them effective solution at all times.

•             Weakness: ICCF is dependent on highly qualified and specialized skilled trained personnel, However we will attempt to avoid costly staff turnovers by ensuring a positive and rewarding work environment with the assistance of loyal volunteers& the current job creation program.

•             Opportunities: An upturn in the economy will result in improved society & we at ICCF will embrace this with Education, Skills development. These are only but stepping stones for ICCF.

•             Threats: ICCF is dependent on its reputation and that of its primary source of income which is the sponsors. Any misfortune affecting the primary source of income will have a direct effect on ICCF. ICCF will investigate other options if there is a decline in sponsorship resulting from a weak economy.