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The Orphan Program

ICare has adopted several orphanages and institutions like Safe Houses in various areas that care for orphans and abandoned children. Abandoned children are placed in orphanages if they have no extended family to care for them.  Abused children are placed in safe keeping in Safe Houses via the courts.  We provided for their needs either financially or in kind.

We are servicing several such institutions in the following areas:

Athlone                                                Gugulethu                                                                          New Woodlands

Beacon Valley                                    Hanover Park                                                                     Philippi

Blouberg                                             Heideveld                                                                           Schaapkraal

Colorado                                             Khayelitsha                                                                       

Dunoon                                                Manenberg                                                                                       


There are approximately 60 boys and 72 girls in these institutions, aged between 4months and 17years of age. These institutions are safe havens to abandoned & abused young children. They receive counselling, education, healthcare, love & understanding. Their aim is to fully rehabilitate & reintegrate the kids into society.  The work that these selfless individuals do requires a total investment of all their Effort, Time & Money which is in short supply.

This is where the iCare Children’s Foundation steps in…we use our resources to assist these institutions.  We provided for their needs either financially or in kind.

Every little bit helps…please consider activating a monthly debit order instruction today or call our office and donate directly and help AbandonedAbusedOrphanedUnderprivileged children.

ICare Foster/Parent Program

In the Social Services Departments current Foster Programme, the courts place abused & vulnerable children in the care of a Safe House for a stipulated period of time until suitable Foster Parents are found. Due to the increasing interest of our Orphan Programme the ICCF intends to initiate, with the help of the Social Services Department, a data base of potential Foster Parents for this programme.

If you are interested in joining this programme please feel free to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our office directly.

The Ramadaan Program                                     image15

This Ramadaan the ICCF will once again be running a Ramadaan Program.  The program will consist of several smaller programs i.e.

  • ICCF suhoor program: whereby we will be providing cereal, bread, fruit etc to several institutions every morning for suhoor
  • ICCF Iftaar program: we will have Large Pots of food made daily for different venues.  These venues are as follows:

Belgravia (the Vlei)

Gugulethu/ Langa
Hanover Park 
Heideveld Safe House    

Manenberg Safe House
Netreg (Golden Gate)
Valhalla Park

  Southern Suburbs
Lotus Rive
r (Buck Rd Masjied) 
Ottery Flats

Schaapkraal-Al-Jamia Uloom



Mitchells Plain
Heinz Park / Browns Farm
Philippi / Crossroads

Northern Suburbs
Blouberg Safe House
Delft/Westbank   Strand
Factreton/ Kensington
Garden Village

  • Mass Eid Cooking: +100 Large Pots of food will be cooked the evening before Eid-ul-Fitr which will be distributed to the communities listed above. 
  • Clothe a Child program:  here we intend to clothe +200 kids from several orphanages and safe houses for Eid.  This initiative will start around the 15th of Ramadaan.