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The Learning Centres Program

The ICCF is currently servicing several Institutions of Learning on a weekly basis with food supplies, usually 80% of the weekly requirements.  Any other ad-hoc requirements have and will continue to be addressed as well i.e. furniture, beds, building material, carpeting etc. Some of these institutions are Al-Jaamia Al-Islamia, Al-Jaamia-tul-Ghikmia, Madrassah tul Sabr, Masjit-tul-Abdullah Madrassa, Madrassah Al-Fatiha and Madrassa-tul-Saabireen all of them educating in excess of 300 students. 

These Institutions of learning desperately needs assistance with completing their buildings, be this in kind or service i.e. from –artisans – builders – plumbers – electricians – carpenters and including building, plumbing, electrical materials and paint.  Other needs like furniture – tables, chairs, beds & bedding, bedroom & kitchen cupboards, curtains and curtain rails, fridges, chest freezers, heaters and fans.  There learners are currently leaning in incomplete/raw structures. They need your help URGENTLY.




Al-Jamia-Al-Islamiyah Uloom

Established in 2010, they are currently servicing 74 boys between the ages of 12 & 25.

Address:  263 Boom Road, Schaapkraal

Contact: Mufti Ibrahim Smith

Cell: 0829659644







Established in 2002, they are currently servicing 30 boys between the ages of 4 to 16.

Address: 25 Milky Way, Ocean View

Contact: Moulana Shamiel Williams                          

Cell: 0748523937