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The Learning Centres Program





Established in 2011, they are currently servicing 60 boys between the ages of 5 & 17.

Address: 28 Tulip Road, Heinz Park

Contact:  Boeta Umar Miller

Cell: 0733317699






Gugulethu Islamic Centre

They’ve been in existence for over 20years and services all the smaller Islamic centers from Du Noon to Khayelitsha.

Address: NY6, 97a, Gugulethu    

Contact: Sheikh Ismail Ngamane

Cell:  0834162382                                                   





Why support Learning Institutions?

Islam is a religion based upon knowledge; for faith in Islam is not blind, rather it is rooted in reasoning and recognizing the Signs of God’s existence.

The text of the Quran is replete with verses inviting man to use his intellect, to ponder, to think and to know; in order to reflect on the meaning of life.  Prophetic sayings are also full of references to the importance of knowledge.  Sayings such as “Seek knowledge even as far as China” and “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” have echoed throughout the history of Islam and incited Muslims to seek knowledge wherever it might be found.

The possessor of knowledge or wisdom has been given a very precious and powerful gift. The acquisition of knowledge and understanding is something that should be done actively by everyone.