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Youth Leadership Camp






The ICCF and Ihata Shelter jointly hosted a Youth Leadership Camp for several Orphanages, Shelters & Safe Houses between 21st & 24th March 2016.  This was held at the Rotary Youth Camp in Clencairn.  The camp was attended by a total of 63 children from Heideveld Safe House, Elonwabeni Children’s Centre, Beitun Nur, Al-Jamia-Al-Islamia, Leliebloem House & the Ihata Shelter.  









Programs that were facilitated during the Leadership Camp were Communication & Emotions, Goal Setting, Anger Management, Choices and Consequences, Self-Love, Vision & Mission in Life, Discover Yourself, Expectations and Know your Surroundings.                                                  











The primary objective was to awaken leadership qualities within the kids, so that they could go back to their respective communities and inspire other youth and together, become role models for all kids.