What have we been up to?

iCare Children’s Foundation, dedicated to making life easier for those in need.

It is evident that poverty is the direct cause of problems such as poor family structures, neglect, street children and various other forms of social degradation and challengers.

Past Projects

ICare Children’s Foundation has endeavoured to make life easier for those in need.

Annual Muharram Seniors Lunch
(October 2019)

On October 3 2019, iCare Children’s Foundation hosted their Annual Seniors Lunch at the Gatesville Civic Centre and welcomed over 250 guests from various homes for the aged, pensioner villages, individuals from surrounding communities and those seniors making a difference and being the backbone of their own communities. 

Heritage Day (September 2019)

One of these organisations is Wisdom Pond, am organisation based in Athlone and provides home based Edu-care as well as other various community programs. On the 26 September, Wisdom Pond in conjuction with iCare, the City of Cape Town’s Recreation and Parks and the Central Hockey Club, held a Heritage Hockey Festival where children from different areas gathered and enjoyed a day of unity throiugh sport.


Women’s Day (August 2019)


On the 30 August 2019, as part of Women’s Month, Wisdom Pond, an ECD and CBO celebrated 80 women from surrounding areas that are doing stellar work in uplifting their own communities through different forms of empowerment, especially for the youth. iCare Children’s Foundation was honoured to supply the food for the event that was well attended. In light of the recent increase of Gender Based Violence, it was important for us as an organisation to support women coming together, celebrating one another, but also asking important questions like, how do we protect our women and children?

Mandela Day (July 2019)

There were two parts to Mandela Day this year. Firstly, we were invited to the offices of T-Systems, where we engaged with the staff as to whom iCareCF is and it is that we do. We shared the platform with Guide Dog SA, and it was very rewarding to see the amazing work that they do. T-Systems have handed over a bulk of groceries for us to distribute as we see fit. The items were then delivered to Peace Home in Parklands.

Ramadaan 1440 (June 2019)

This year, with the help of every one of our donors, we were able to reach over 40 000 people with our Iftaar and Eid Feeding Programs. For Eid-ul-Fitr, with your generous contributions, Icare Children’s Foundation provided the ingredients for 175 pots of food to coordinators in various areas who in turn had food cooked and was able to distribute it in their respective communities.

Some of the areas covered included Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Factreton, Rustoff, Golden Gate, Blikkiesdorp, Athlone areas, Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu, Macassar, Atlantis, Correctional Services, Schaapkraal, Heyns Park to name but a few. We have received many messages of thanks from the coordinators for assisting in making the day of Eid a memorable for many who would not have otherwise had a meal to eat. Many coordinators have sacrificed their own family time to make this project possible.

Heritage Day (September 2019)

iCare Children’s Foundation, in partnership with The Original Cause Cabal, has developed a Poi spinning workshop to be rolled out in different children’s homes and safe houses in 2019. Our pilot project is currently being exercised at Leliebloem House in Athlone. Poi spinning is a powerful tool that originates from the Maori culture in New Zealand. This moving meditation can be used to transform the human condition by enhancing the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects of a human being. Poi spinning improves coordination, posture, motor-skills and fitness.
The engaging nature of poi spinning enhances mood, yields confidence and focus through practice
Poi spinning teaches the concepts of boundaries and self-control, which is an extension of respect.


Annual Children’s Day (December 2018)

Children's Day

On December 6 2018, our Annual Children’s Day was held at the Castle of Good Hope. Over 400 children from various Children’s Homes, safe houses, and orphanages joined us for a day filled with fun and activities and a surprise visit from Cape Town City FC. They were served with breakfast, snacks, lunch and party packs, while enjoying the end of year programme. We are extremely grateful to the Castle for hosting us, as this was a first visit to the venue for most of the children. We thank all our donors, sponsors, supporters and volunteers for making this a memorable day. It is only with continued support that we are able to deliver events of this nature. We look forward to planning and executing a bigger and better event next year.  

World Literacy Day

Nurul Islam Centre, Khayelithsha

In acknowledgement of World Literacy Day on Saturday 8 September 2018, iCare Children’s Foundation visited the Nurul Islam Centre in Khayelitsha where Surahs, notebooks and pencils were handed out to the learners. They were extremely excited to receive these as they have no access to learning material. The centre operates from the front yard of Sheigh Otchinga and faces many challenges as he has limited resources. The children are aged 4-14 and are in desperate need of Islamic wear, stackable plastic tables and chairs and a wendy house to have their classes in. Please contact us should you wish to contribute to this worthy cause.


The Learning Centres Program

The ICCF is currently servicing several Institutions of Learning on a weekly basis with food supplies, usually 80% of the weekly requirements.

Any other ad-hoc requirements have and will continue to be addressed as well i.e. furniture, beds, building material, carpeting etc. Some of these institutions are Al-Jaamia Al-Islamia, Al-Jaamia-tul-Ghikmia, Madrassah tul Sabr, Masjit-tul-Abdullah Madrassa, Madrassah Al-Fatiha and Madrassa-tul-Saabireen all of them educating in excess of 300 students.
These Institutions of learning desperately needs assistance with completing their buildings, be this in kind or service i.e. from –artisans – builders – plumbers – electricians – carpenters and including building, plumbing, electrical materials and paint. Other needs like furniture – tables, chairs, beds & bedding, bedroom & kitchen cupboards, curtains and curtain rails, fridges, chest freezers, heaters and fans. There learners are currently leaning in incomplete/raw structures.
They need your help URGENTLY.


Al-Jamia-Al-Islamiyah Uloom

Established in 2010
They are currently servicing 74 boys between the ages of 12 & 25.
Address: 263 Boom Road, Schaapkraal
Contact: Mufti Ibrahim Smith
Cell: 0829659644


Established in 2002, they are currently servicing 30 boys between the ages of 4 to 16.
Address: 25 Milky Way, Ocean View
Contact: Moulana Shamiel Williams
Cell: 0748523937

iCare Children's Foundation
iCare Children's Foundation


Established in 2011, they are currently servicing 60 boys between the ages of 5 & 17.
Address: 28 Tulip Road, Heinz Park
Contact: Boeta Umar Miller
Cell: 0733317699

Gugulethu Islamic Centre

They’ve been in existence for over 20years and services all the smaller Islamic centers from Du Noon to Khayelitsha.
Address: NY6, 97a, Gugulethu
Contact: Sheikh Ismail Ngamane
Cell: 0834162382 

iCare Children's Foundation
Why support Learning Institutions?
Islam is a religion based upon knowledge; for faith in Islam is not blind, rather it is rooted in reasoning and recognizing the Signs of God’s existence.
The text of the Quran is replete with verses inviting man to use his intellect, to ponder, to think and to know; in order to reflect on the meaning of life. Prophetic sayings are also full of references to the importance of knowledge. Sayings such as “Seek knowledge even as far as China” and “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” have echoed throughout the history of Islam and incited Muslims to seek knowledge wherever it might be found.
The possessor of knowledge or wisdom has been given a very precious and powerful gift. The acquisition of knowledge and understanding is something that should be done actively by everyone. 

Youth Leadership Camp


The ICCF and Ihata Shelter 
Jointly hosted a Youth Leadership Camp for several Orphanages, Shelters & Safe Houses between 21st & 24th March 2016. This was held at the Rotary Youth Camp in Clencairn. The camp was attended by a total of 63 children from Heideveld Safe House, Elonwabeni Children’s Centre, Beitun Nur, Al-Jamia-Al-Islamia, Leliebloem House & the Ihata Shelter. 

Programs that were facilitated during the Leadership Camp were Communication & Emotions, Goal Setting, Anger Management, Choices and Consequences, Self-Love, Vision & Mission in Life, Discover Yourself, Expectations and Know your Surroundings.


The primary objective was to awaken leadership qualities within the kids, so that they could go back to their respective communities and inspire other youth and together, become role models for all kids.. 

GIGS for Kids

ICARE children’s foundation was invited to GIGS FOR KIDS, hosted by ESP AFRICA AND THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN at Artscape, Cape Town.
We arranged for 20 kids, aged between 5 & 10, from Beitun Nur, Manenberg Safe house& Heideveld Safe house to attend. Our children were greeted with popcorn, drinks, face painting & balloons. 


They were then treated to an afternoon of dance, sing and act through the colourful programme, created especially for the younger art lovers. This event included high flying acrobatics, drama, all their favourite kids characters and a chance for the little ones to get involved in the joy of music.. 

ICare – Balls to Poverty


SSS (Sport Stepping Stones) and ICare invited underprivileged kids to a soccer coaching clinic, showing them the opportunities within the sport and particularly the soccer fraternity. Areas that was covered included Hanover Park, Manenberg, Gugulethu, Bokmakierie, Tafelsig, Woodlands, Khayelitsha, Nyanga, etc. . 

The Qurbani Project

Buy your sheep now and donate to ICARE FEEDING SCHEMES

On behalf of iCare Children’s Foundation we express our sincerest appreciation for your contribution throughout the year towards our fundraising events. It is through the support of individuals and corporate representatives like you that we are able to continue and strengthen our organisation and develop new innovative projects to help the underprivileged and children with disabilities.
Qurbani is the greatest act of Ibada on the day of Eid-Ul-Adha. We at ICare want to make this act of Ibada affordable and more available to the public. You may purchase a sheep at the price of R1700, 00 or buy your share by donating R500. 00. Meat may be donated to our feeding scheme or for distribution purpose. This will include slaughtering, cleaning, cutting and distribution..
iCare Children's Foundation
Allah says in the Qur’an: 'It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches him. The scholars have stated that the philosophy behind ‘Udhiya’ is that it is a demonstration of submission to Allah, complete obedience to Allah’s will or command and sacrificing everything for his pleasure. Ibrahim demonstrated this spirit of submission and sacrifice in the best possible manner. When confronted with the challenge of love and allegiance, he chose to submit unconditionally to Allah and suppressed personal desire and love for his family and child. Qurbani calls for the slaughter of one's innate desires by placing the knife of courage and resistance on hatred, jealousy, pride, greed, animosity, love for the world and other such maladies of the heart.


iCare Children's Foundation has weekly outreach programmes at various institutions such as Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital, Sherwood Park Disabled Care Centre, Safe Homes in Manenberg & Heideveld, Al-Jamia Al-Islamia Al-Alamiyah, Harare Islamic College as well as underprivileged Day Care Centres in the community.
Another part of our outreach programme is our weekly feeding schemes in various underprivileged and informal settlements like The Vlei, Hanover Park, Philippi, Heinz Park, Mitchells Plain, Manenberg, Heideveld, Bonteheuwel, Valhalla Park, Gugulethu, Delft as well as at Safe Homes, Orphanages and schools in and around Western Cape.

There are millions of South Africans that go hungry every single day…iCare doing its level best to make a difference in the Heinz Park community with one of its feeding schemes. 

Too many parents of the little patients at the Red Cross Hospital spend their entire day without any food. Many of them come from rural areas and have to spend long hours sitting and waiting...iCare feeding these parents waiting for assistance at the Red Cross Hospital.


84 year old Asa Moses from Bonteheuwel suffered a stroke two years ago. The effect of this has made it almost impossible for her to walk, let alone stand. Her quality of life deteriorated dramatically. On April 01st 2016, the ICCF, managed to source a wheelchair for Mrs. Moses. We sincerely hope that this small gesture will improve her mobility and her quality of life. 

Mogamad Fa’iz Salie, aged 59, from Rocklands Mitchells Plain received a wheelchair from the Ward Councillor of Rocklands and the Mayor of Cape Town through an application placed via the ICCF to the City of Cape Town. Mr. Salie is a diabetic sufferer and had his lower right leg amputated above the knee which qualified him for this initiative run by the City of Cape Town. The ICCF was happy to assist Mr. Salie with his application and grateful for the contribution made to his independence.


Naseema Jassiem, a 66year old resident of Lentegeur Mitchells Plain has been suffering from arthritis. She couldn’t walk much or stand for long periods. Aunty Naseema used to move around the house and kitchen in a normal chair. Aunty Naseema appealed to us to help her find a wheelchair. We could see the challenges that she was facing and we could see her pain. ICare children’s foundation with the help of Councillor Bent from sub council 23 requested from the mayor’s office help to attain a wheel chair, and through this effort we could bless aunty Naseema with a brand new wheelchair.

Funeral / Burial Services

iCare Children’s Foundation have provided financial assistance as well as support to many families who cannot afford to bury their loved ones.


Counselling to the family at time of death
Assistance with acquiring of the death certificate
We have a registered and certified undertaker
Our own medical doctor contracted to us 24/7 for assistance
Assisting with washing and preparing of the body
Administration – booking of the hole in graveyard/cemetery
Transportation from hospital to home and to graveyard/cemetery
If need be – Food (customary).

To provide the above services effectively, we intend to do the following:
Building as a Washing Area/ Wash bay for all no matter what race or religion. We aim to have our own facility where deceased bodies can come directly from home/hospital to be washed and prepared for viewing – practical washing and shrouding. With this in mind there are a number of fundamentals to keep in mind such as health and hygiene. Correct protective clothing to prevent contracting any deceases such as HIV, TB, etc. Even though the person is deceased it is not impossible to contract any decease due to not being protected.
Jurisprudence aspects
Medical aspects
Counselling at time of deceased to the family as well as post trauma counselling to the family.

We would like to establish a system whereby we have in advance, at any given time, + 50 sets of shrouding (kaffang) sets ready to go.
A mass booking of + 30 holes for public burial in advance
Stock in reserve for at least 10 x 100 lt pots of food with the allocation of 2x 100 lt pots of food per family per burial

Make a Difference

Make life easier for those in need. Providing care for those who struggle and suffer.



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